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HOMEPAGE - Late Bus Type2 T2 - VW Bus Typ2 T2
Some additional stuff for T3 and T4

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Parts and VW Vans for sale on this page - Teile und VW Busse zu verkaufen auf diesen Seiten
VW-Busse T2 Jg. 67 - 79, T3 Jg. 79 - 92 und T4 Jg. 91 - 03
Late Bus, T25 and Eurovan Volkswagen Models

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Other Links of this page - weitere Inhalte dieser Seite

Pictures of my actual late buses

One more in the line - a little BD story

BN4 Scematics (not complete) and NEW! BA6 Manuals: helping you to understand the BN4 wiring

GOODIES -> special pictures

HANNOVER -> NEW - the pictures of the millenium 60 years Transporter meeting at Hannover 2007

GMX Message Service: Get your free account!

Clubs, market places and friends

The Swiss VW-BUS Forum - check the newest topics

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Let's go for another record - 2018 BEN PON - see you there

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The Swiss and International Volkswagen Marketplace
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Club der VW-Bus-Freunde-Schweiz

after the oil-crash ? electric propulsion - what else

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